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Getting to know me!

I LOVE weddings! I consider it a privilege to be an integral part of someone’s wedding and don’t take for granted the opportunity to walk beside them on their most important day. I’m honored to have helped facilitate over 1000 weddings in the last 10 years and the joy has been ALL mine!

I’ve been married to my husband Jeff for 32 years and have twins who have just turned 30 (how can that be???). Jeff partners with me in the rental areas of my business and is a great sounding board when needed. I certainly couldn’t do this without him! 

I work (if you call it work), to support my love of traveling around the US and internationally. I also love my kitties who like to “help” me when I’m working on my computer and zooming with my couples!

My newest hobby is football!  I’ve chosen The Saints as “my” team but I also support my husband’s faves: Chargers and Dolphins. 

I treasure family most which is probably why weddings mean so much to me, when a family begins!

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